Ani Çelik Arevyan was born in Istanbul in 1961 and started photography in 1985.


Solo Exhibitions


2020 "Light Study-I", adas, Istanbul

2019 "Dark Matter", Kiraathane, Istanbul Edebiyat Evi, Istanbul

2018 "As Is", Galata Rum Okulu, Istanbul

2017 Skylight; Aksel & Morova looks at Ani Celik Arevyan’s studio.

2015 "Traces of this world", Mekan68, Wien

2014 "Traces of this world", Gallery Nev, Istanbul

2010 “Nothing is as it seems”, Istanbul Museum of Modern Art, Istanbul

2005 “Street Matter”, Gallery Nev, Istanbul

2005 “Street Matter”, Diyarbakir Sanat Merkezi, Diyarbakir

1998 “Between Life and Death”, Gallery Nev, Istanbul

1993 “Nu and stil-Life”, Women’s Liberary, Istanbul



Group Exhibitions


2017 "Contemporary Istanbul", 12th Istanbul Art Fair, ci17

2017  "Protocinema" For Rent, For Sale

2016 "Contemporary Istanbul", 11th Istanbul Art Fair

2016  Gallery Nev, Istanbul, May 2016

2016 “Yeniden Doğdum”, küratör: Hande Oynar,

2015 "Contemporary Istanbul", 10th Istanbul Art Fair

2013 "Contemporary Istanbul", 8th Istanbul Art Fair

2013 "Gala Modern", Istanbul Museum of Modern Art, istanbul

2013 "Istanbul Modern-Bahreyn" , Bahrain National Museum

2011 "I Love You Istanbul / Friends", Uc Horan Church, Naregyan Istanbul

2006 “Natur-Mort”, Galerist, Istanbul

2002 “Isik Yillari” Pamukbank Photography Gallery, Istanbul

2002 “Sondaj” Pamukbank Fotograf Galerisi, İstanbul

2002 “Istanbulasyakasi” Marmara Fine Arts Uni. Istanbul

2000 “2nd International Forum for a Culture of Peace” Rhodes-Greece.

2000 “body/ego, body/mind, thing/subject” Gallery Nev Istanbul / Ankara

1999 ”İstanbul-Regards Croises” Sipa Press, Paris.

1999 “Multiples for body and soul” Borusan Cultur and Art house, Istanbul

1999 “Bodies in Motion” Gallery Agora, SoHo-New York

1997 “4 Art Days by Yapı Kıredi” Bilkent (Ankara), ODTÜ (Ankara), Boğaziçi (Istanbul), ITÜ (Istanbul) and 9 Eylül(Izmir) Universities.

1996 “İstanbul: The city where faiths meet” The Art Gallery of National Insurance, Istanbul

1990 “Kodak Professional European Awards” First prize in Turkey Arles Turkish representative, France





Private Collections (2010-2019)

Istanbul Museum of Modern Art (2017) (2010) Istanbul

Pamukbank Photograpy Gallery (2000) Istanbul

Bibliotheque National de France (1995-1996) Paris